Book Review: Handbook of Research on New Literacies


As literacy and technology converge on the Internet, many scholars from different fields are moving their research into this area. They find that the constructs emerging in new literacies research inform their own work in productive ways. At the same time, it is increasingly clear that new literacies research also affects societies, education systems, and public policies in a variety of powerful ways. As a consequence, educators, policy makers, employers, and the public at large all recognize that these new literacies of the Internet and related technologies such as social media will be central to the most important literacy and learning issues of the new generations in today’s digital world. After reading the entire book, one easily reaches to the conclusion that it is time to apprehend the emergence of this relatively new area of interdisciplinary research, to inform others about crucial elements of new literacies, and to begin the construction of an important new era of scientific inquiry. The book reflects, on behalf of both the editors and the authors, a serious effort to accomplish all of these essential goals or functions.